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Just thinking about him made the juices flow between my legs. I would have to stop whatever I was doing to isolate myself somewhere and get myself off. Of course, the orgasm was just temporary relief. My fingers were no substitute for the manmeat I wanted inside of me. I wanted to feel every pump of it, stretching me, pulsing into my pussy while he moaned and tickled my nipples with his hot tongue.

God, I needed him.

What was I to do? I just wasn't the type of girl to just call him up and ask him to fuck the daylights out of me.

I went on with my day and finished all the normal tasks that had to be done. The great thing about working from home was that I could take frequent masturbating breaks. I was so fucking horny all the time...

I daydreamed about having him ravage me. I would think about sucking the spunk out of his cock and making him come hard. I would dream about just fucking all day long and my legs would spread wider while I pumped myself with my biggest vibrator. My fingers would delve between the juicy folds and fondle my clit while the vibrator pulsed in my vagina in and out. I watched myself in the full length mirror. I thought I looked fantastic while orgasming. I imagined him catching me this way and I would come even harder.

He was my ex-boss who was married with children. Just gorgeous, 6-feet tall, broad shoulders and a smile that reached his eyes and made you weak. He was charming, funny and perfect. Just having him near me would make me dizzy and the chemicals would flood my body and I would get wet.

As a married woman, I knew these emotions were wrong. My body didn't care. The response I had to his presence was something I couldn't help but surrender myself to completely because it felt so good.

I was excited to see him after working from home for about a month. We had scheduled a meeting in his office to catch up on work-related topics. I made sure to dress suggestively and classy. The skirt I wore was below the knee but very form fitting to set off my long legs. I wore platform nude heels and collared shirt unbuttoned to where my breasts looked the most enticing. I wanted to catch him looking at my cleavage. I wore a lace nude bra and no panties.

I don't know what I was hoping would happen but, I always dressed this way around him. It excited me. I hoped that I excited him.

When I arrived at his office, he opened the door for me and as I entered I felt his hand on the small of my back and his breath on the back of my neck. He closed the door behind him and then he gently turned me by the waist to face him. My face was inches away from his. I gasped as he began to kiss me. His tongue filled my mouth and penetrated as far as it could. I was overwhelmed and could feel myself buckling. He held me closer as waves of shock engulfed my body. I could feel the outline of his warm, hard cock right through his pants. His hand started to hike up underneath my skirt as he grabbed my flesh. He parted my buttocks and his fingers were soaked by my wetness. I moaned as he began to penetrate my hole with his fingers. I wanted him so badly, I didn't care what was happening. I had dreamed about this and couldn't believe my luck.

"Oh god, you are so wet.", he moaned.

"You make me wet. You do this to me.", I moaned back.

And just like the movies, we fell onto the desk but unlike the movies, various items fell off and crashed to floor randomly during our lovemaking.

I remember undoing his belt and feeling his veiny hot member in my hands. I rubbed his shaft reveling in the powerful, muscular feel of his penis. I wanted it inside of me. His pants fell to the floor. My skirt was up around my waist--we were naked from the waist down.

"Fuck me. I want you inside of me. I've wanted it forever." I breathed huskily.

He took the tip of his penis and tickled my clit gently, making me moan. I couldn't take it anymore and spread my legs wide and took him inside me while grabbing his naked, firm buttocks. I was tight and wet and I had to gasp because the size of his manhood was overwhelming me.

I moaned loudly as I struggled to have my wet flesh open and engulf his incredible member inside of me. He was overcome by primal instinct and slammed his hips into mine and I screamed. I didn't care who heard me. He pumped himself in and out of me. I didn't know where I was or what my name was at that moment. All I could feel was the incredible fucking sensations wracking my body.

"Oh god, fuck me, you're fucking me so good."
"You feel so good baby, you're body is fucking amazing, your cunt is so tight and wet."

The room was spinning and I could feel myself cumming. His dick continued to pulse into me and I lost control. The orgasm overtook my body and I screamed as I could feel his body releasing fluids inside of me. He was cumming too. I was spasmodic and shuddering with the intensity of the orgasm. He relaxed his bodyweight onto me completely spent with his own powerful cum.

He kissed my neck and nipples and breathed heavily.

"I want to take you to a hotel room, now so we can continue to fuck.", he whispered throatily.
"I don't have much time, but I would love that.", I was thrilled.

We composed ourselves quickly and snuck out the back door of the office. We made it to his car. Inside of the car he began to kiss me passionately again. His hands groping my breasts. I sucked him dry and fucked him in the front seat--coming so hard I almost lost consciousness. I couldn't believe how insatiable I was...or how insatiable he was.

When we got to the hotel room we stripped as fast as we could. He pushed me down on the bed and spread part my legs as he put his face between my legs. His tongue forced it's way between my folds. My juices probably drowned him.

He used his tongue and fingers. Absolutely every part was licked fervently. He was very thorough. He turned me over and had his way with me. His penis entered me and we fucked like dogs. As he fucked me, he bit my flesh lightly. His hands grasped my breasts and fondled my nipples making me crazy.

To be continued...

2:12 p.m. - 2011-05-17


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